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Payment & Booking Information

NOTICE- Effective June 15, 2009:

**** Gratuity charges will increase from our previous 10% gratuity charge to 15% on all semi-full service events.******

****All pig roast customers will be charged $80.00 propane fee for each pig****


• 33% of your total event estimate will be required to book your date. A min. $300.00 deposit is required to book any date (this applied to events that have a “to be determined” menu). Deposits are not refundable. Due to our special cooking equipment, hand-selected staff, and commitment to quality, we are very limited to how many events we can cater at once. Your deposit is to protect the fact that we will be turning away business in order to hold your special date. Your deposit is also used to help purchase your food.
• Final payment is due the day of your event, no exceptions. We accept cash, check, or credit card through paypal with a $30.00 service fee. Please discuss in advance if you will be using a credit card. We will send you a paypal money request.

• The host/hostess shall provide an area large enough to accommodate a 20’X20’ area with drivable access
• The host/hostess must provide two 8’ or three 6’ buffet tables. We provide linens, chafers, baskets and décor for the buffet area. Tables must be set-up and placed 3 hrs. prior to service time.
• Please provide trash barrels for your guests. We bring our own for the cooking area.
• It is necessary that the host/hostess provide an electrical source. We can rent a generator for you, if needed, and apply to your bill. Please discuss in advance.
• Grilling staff will normally arrive at your event location 2-4 hours prior to your serving time (depending on your menu). Buffet service will be for 2 hours, unless additional service time is requested and paid for.

• We provide food for the amount of guests we contract to feed, we do not provide an all you can eat buffet. Guests are welcome to have seconds after all guests have already been served.
• We reserve the right to cancel any event at anytime in case of catastrophic event such as fire, extreme act of nature, or failure to comply with these terms.
• We DO allow our customers to keep their leftovers, if they would like to. The food will be left in disposable steam table pans along with foil. We suggest that you are prepared to keep such food items (bring a cooler with ice?) If you choose not to keep your leftovers, we will donate them to a homeless shelter or needy family.


50 people minimum for all events requiring on-site grilling.

50 people minimum for staffed events.

50 people minimum for package deal pricing.

60 people minimum for all pig roasts.

30 people min. for all other events (drop-off catering).

Please make checks payable to We roast pigs.

Conflict of Interest: Due to safety and sanitation regulations and protection of our reputation, we do not allow other caterers or food from other businesses or private individuals to serve food at our events.We work very hard to prepare all food from scratch so that it is fresh and delicious.We are able to provide any and all services that may be needed for any event no matter how upscale or casual the event may be. The exception to this is bakery items since that is not our area of specialty (cakes, cookies, pastries).Please discuss any of these types of issues with us should you have questions or concerns.

The following services and products are included free of charge when you purchase food from us: Chafers & Sternos (to keep food hot on the buffet table), appropriate buns and condiments (our homemade bbq sauce), on location grilling, and service staff (to keep food replenished and tidy on the buffet table). More extensive services are available upon request. Please see menu for pricing.


Splitting food- Customers may split the quantity of food items on their menu once a full menu for the full guest count has been ordered. A full menu consists of 2 meat items, 2, vegetable items, and two starches.


Example Menu for 100 guests:

Pork BBQ Sandwiches

Grilled Chicken

Fire Roasted Corn on the Cob

Ceasar Salad

Homemade Pasta Salad

Cheddar Garlic Mashed Potatoes


Baked Mac n Cheese (for 50)

Creamy Cole Slaw (for 50)

Grilled Pineapple w/ Butter Rum Sauce (for 50)

Grilled 1/2 Pound Cheeseburgers (for 50)